Monday, August 10, 2009

Cover Letters from Purdue in LaTex

Some of us, at some point of our early careers will leave Purdue for higher salary [academic] jobs. First step is applying for a job, which entails writing a nice cover letter that will "sell" us as the top-notch applicants. Long story short, I prepared a template of the cover letter. Purdue logo can be accessed here. Just save it in the same folder with the tex file, and alter school information as needed. Any augmentations and improvements to the provided code are welcome and appreciated.




\newcommand{\person}{name} % substitute with the name of the person you are applying to
\newcommand{\department}{department } % substitute with the Department name you are applying
\newcommand{\university}{university} % substitute with the University name you are applying
\newcommand{\street}{street } % substitute with the actual street address
\renewcommand{\city}{city} % substitute with the actual city
\renewcommand{\state}{state } % substitute with the actual state
\newcommand{\zipcode}{zip-code } % substitute with the actual zip-code

\renewcommand{\position}{position } % substitute with the position title you are applying for
\newcommand{\advertisement}{advertisement } % substitute with the actual source of information
\newcommand{\graduation}{date} % substitute with the expected graduation date

\department \\
\university \\
\street \\
\city, \state \hspace{2pt} \zipcode}

\namefrom{Your Name}
Department of Agricultural Economics \\
Purdue University \\
403 W. State St. \\
West Lafayette, IN \hspace{2pt} 47907-2056}
\phonefrom{(765) 494-4191}
\faxfrom{(765) 494-9176}

\greetto{Dear \person,}

Here goes introduction. For example, I am writing to express my interest in the position announcement for an \position in the \department at \university, as advertised on the \advertisement website, etc.

Here goes body.

Here goes conclusion. For example, I would enjoy discussing this position with you in the near future, etc.



  1. If you want to see an example rejection letter, just let me know.

  2. If anyone wants me to look over their cover letter for grammatical errors and/or usage, let me know. Its $5 a page..... :p

  3. These comments look like a chat to me... Admins, take care of it!

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